Our Story: The Family Behind Advanced Tree Experts Inc.

Discover our story, rooted in decades of experience and a committment to providing the highest quality service. From humble beginnings to a thriving legacy, Advanced Tree Experts Inc is your trusted partner in tree care.

   Founded in 1999, Advanced Tree Experts Inc is rooted in a rich history of tree care expertise. Our journey began when our founder, Mike, embarked on a quest to master the art of maintaining trees. Having gained invaluable experience working for other tree companies, he recognized the potential to create something extraordinary. It was an opportunity to provide tree services that were not only safe and efficient but also deeply dedicated to customer satisfaction. Thus, Advanced Tree Experts Inc was born.

   With a relentless commitment to excellence, Mike’s vision found a like-minded companion in his son, Josh. A passion for tree care ignited in Josh at the young age of 14, and for over a decade, he has been nurturing that passion alongside his father. Together, they form the dynamic core of our company, continuously growing their knowledge and expertise in the tree industry. We take pride in cultivating an exceptional team, all driven by the same passion for tree care and a shared mission to provide the best possible service.

   This commitment to quality, safety, and community engagement has not only created lasting customer relationships but has also paved the way for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful environment. At Advanced Tree Experts Inc, we’re not just a tree services provider – we’re your trusted partner in tree care. Our deep-rooted history, commitment to safety, and dedication to customer satisfaction reflect our vision for the future – one where every tree and every customer thrives in a healthier, safer, and more beautiful landscape.

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